Diagnosis & Oral MedicinePrice
New Patient Clinical/Orthodontic examination£88.00
Examination and dental health assessment£54.00
Radiographs (Large film or 2 Small Films)£19.00
OPG xray£56.00
Consultation & Report (for 2nd opinion)£88.00
Oral health, Prevention and Periodontal CarePrice
Simple Scale / Polish£29.00
Hygienist Visit existing patient£67.00
Hygienist Visit independent£86.00
Root Planing/Deep cleaning per visit£107.00
Oral health, Prevention and Periodontal CarePrice
Temporary FillingsFrom £67.00
AmalgamsFrom £71.00
White FillingsFrom £84.00
All Fillings (Pin Retention)£28.00
Endodontics – Initial Treatment not RetreatmentPrice
Incisor or canineUp to £369.00
PremolarUp to £444.00
MolarUp to £691.00
Advanced Restorations including Laboratory FeesPrice
CrownsFrom £518.00
Re-Cement CrownFrom £67.00
Gold or Porcelain InlayFrom £267.00
Porcelain veneerUp to £665.00
Bridge unit per toothFrom £629.00
Prosthetics (in addition to, Lab Fee)Price
Study models£67.00
Full Upper or LowerFrom £850.00
Partial plasticFrom £600.00
Chrome Cobolt Denture PartialFrom £961.00
Sports mouth guard (with colours extra)£179.00
Bite raising appliance£267.00
Soft Bite simple protector£152.00
Bleaching trays and treatment£570.00
Enlighten Whitening£732.00
Emergency AppointmentsFrom £62.00

Exclusive Pre Payment Plan

Just £17.50 per month

2 routine dental examinations AND 2 routine hygiene appointments per year

It is quite straightforward to offer you a quotation for the costs involved in your treatment. During the consultation we will have the opportunity to discuss and advise you on the best options and you will be able to decide on how we will work together. Private treatment takes time and each procedure involves specific materials and techniques. The range of options currently available is constantly expanding and is now determined by these procedures.

Before starting on any treatment you will be provided with a treatment plan to estimate quite accurately what we have agreed. Dentistry is not an exact science and treatments and outcomes do change. If this should happen during any of your visits, further discussions will take place.

If you have any questions about our fees, please feel free to ask – we are happy to help.