Teeth Whitening & Enlighten


We are now an Enlighten accredited professional teeth whitening centre with Enlighten accredited dentists. Enlighten whitening is now available here.

Why enlighten? A guaranteed whiter smile. The difference with Enlighten Whitening is the results. Follow your dentist’s guidelines and teeth will whiten beyond any other system.

Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the most effective whitening system in the world. It’s the only one that guarantees a Vita shade B1 for every patient. And it has a 98% success rate.

The Enlighten kit is an effective product that works safely and painlessly to provide truly outstanding results. Enlighten is the only whitening brand to give you: guaranteed long-lasting whitening results AND low sensitivity. Not only that but with Enlighten, you get exceptional whitening results… without any change in your diet. That’s right, you do not need to avoid any staining foods! This is because Enlighten whitening treatment works straight through the enamel and does not harm the tooth surface

The Enlighten range includes kits for both home use and in surgery, with varying strengths and modes of application we can tailor make a package to work for you.


Our whitening treatments use a gentle chemical to remove discolouration and lighten teeth for a noticeably brighter smile. Stains can build up your teeth from smoking, food and drink (such as coffee or red wine), or simply as we age. Whitening your teeth is a safe, effective way to combat this staining and perk up your look.


External Whitening

This involves applying a bleaching gel to the outer surface of the tooth using the following methods:

  • Home whitening – Our home whitening treatment offers a superior alternative to over-the-counter kits as the mouth trays are designed to be a perfect fit, meaning the active gel can work more effectively. The bleaching agent is also stronger than low dose shop bought kits so offer improved lightening power. We will tell you how to use the bleaching gel with your specially designed mouth trays and you will wear these at home for 30 minutes to an hour, every day, for 2-4 weeks.
    We recommend you use our home whitening kits as opposed to those you can buy in shops as, not only are they more effective, they also let us keep a professional eye on your teeth and help to avoid side effects such as gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.
  • In-surgery whitening – Known as ‘laser’ bleaching, this involves placing the whitening gel on your teeth (a rubber ‘dam’ is used to protect the gums if necessary) and then exposing them to a special bright light that speeds up the whitening process.An appointment should take one to two hours and offers an ideal solution for busy patients or those who don’t want to use mouth trays at home.
  • Combined whitening – This combines home and in-surgery whitening for a speedier result than home treatment alone.

Internal Whitening

This procedure involves placing a whitening agent inside a discoloured tooth that has previously had root canal therapy i.e. the inner part of the tooth (the ‘pulp’) has been replaced with a rubber filling due to infection.

We will insert the bleaching product into a drilled hole and then seal this hole with a temporary filling so the bleach can get to work. About a week later, you will come back to have the filling and bleach removed. If the tooth has not been lightened sufficiently, the process can be repeated. When you are satisfied with the new lighter shade, we will fill the hole with a tooth coloured filling.

We may occasionally need to combine internal whitening with other techniques to achieve the desired effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that uses various methods to remove stains and discoloration from the teeth, resulting in a brighter and more attractive smile.
Teeth whitening works by using a bleaching agent, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, to break down the stains and discoloration on the surface of the teeth.
Yes, teeth whitening is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified dental professional. However, some individuals may experience sensitivity or other side effects, which can be managed with appropriate precautions and aftercare.
Professional teeth whitening is performed by a dental professional and uses stronger bleaching agents than over-the-counter products. This makes the results more effective and longer-lasting.
Enlighten is a professional teeth whitening system that uses a combination of at-home and in-office treatments to achieve the best possible results.
The results of Enlighten teeth whitening can last for several years with proper oral hygiene and maintenance, including regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings.
Maintaining good oral hygiene practices, such as regular brushing and flossing, can help prolong the results of your Enlighten teeth whitening treatment. Avoiding staining foods and drinks, such as coffee and red wine, can also help keep your smile looking bright and white.